Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oh those classy nutters

By: Jenny R

nutter mentality

I've seen a lot of ugly and terrifying things investigating the pit bull issue.  Things no one should have to see, nonetheless experience.  This video is an exceptionally disturbing example of how fierce, swift, and merciless the breed can be.  They rip off their victim's leg in 60 seconds, or less!  After the other dog desperately submitted to its attackers. 

In all other breeds, submission is (usually) sufficient enough to end an attack.  It makes good sense, instinct-wise.  Conflict always carries with it the threat of personal harm, and other than sparring for reproductive rights or seeking nourishment, animals typically avoid violence as much as possible.  Losing an eye/paw/nose/other useful body part, infected wounds, blood-scent attracting apex predators, etc.... all could spell death for an animal. 

Pit bulls and pit bull type dogs lack this instinct, and instead are genetically driven to continue mauling even after being beaten, stabbed, tased, and shot repeatedly.  Why anyone invites--nonetheless advocates!--such brutal destructive power into their lives and the lives of all those around them (especially tragic is the children, who are a favored target of this breed's explosive and idiopathic aggression) is mind boggling. 

These people themselves claim that "animals will be animals" and "any dog can turn" and so on and so forth... with the regurgitated nonsense that paints all animal behavior with the same broad brush.What that does is boil things down to thus--an animal in the home environment represents a potential (if not inevitable) attack.  Anticipating and espousing that "things could go wrong" requires careful consideration of what could go wrong...
considering the raw, unique, crippling, and often fatal threat a pit bull represents if it attacks, should surely mean a person would try to ameliorate that risk by selecting an animal that is not capable of inflicting such destruction.  Why risk it, no?  Instead, they rail proclamations about how their breed is the best (yet they cry discrimination and "breedism" when it suits them), safe, so on and so forth.  Contradictions ahoy!

WARNING--especially to readers with negative personal experiences/PTSD following the pit bull attack of self or loved one, sensitive stomachs, or in possession of fragile sensibilities:  this video is extremely graphic and horrifying.  The images will stick with you long after you close your browser and go about your day.  I certainly do not wish to inflict more distress on people already so badly victimized.  If viewing this is not a good idea; here is a quick textual summation:

Two pit bulls have got a-hold of another dog's side, reaching through a shared fence to maul her.  (She appears to be a yellow-lab mutt of some kind.)  She is down in the dirt, crying, head rolling back, and is trying to roll over to expose her belly in a submissive position.  She cannot roll over, however, because both pits are firmly latched onto her, anchoring her side up against the fence.  A stream of water hits the pits in the face, from a water-hose is out of frame.Predictably, it has no effect on arresting the attack.

The pit bull on (our) right rears it's head back (unseen is that it just tore out a large chunk of its victim, which exposes her ribs (seen toward the end of the video).  It machine guns a few more snaps, before latching onto her left foreleg, shattering the bone within, so severely that it can easily tug it through the fence.  It jerks its head back twice, showered with blood like the spray of shot-gun pellets, severing the leg.The other pit withdraws and tries to take it away from him.  They take turns trying to consume it. .

A desperate man runs up to the fence and the pits are there to greet him in a flash.  He hits their noses with something (rolled up newspaper? shoe? gardening tool? I can't tell) as a man off screen hoses the pits again.  The pitbulls launch at the fence, jump like crazy, and repeatedly slam their heads on it, directed at the man on the other side of the fence.The destroyed dog collapses on the ground. 

After a moment of gasping so hard that her sides distort, she rolls over, exposing her mutilated side.  She becomes weaker and more still.

The pit bulls were obviously well-fed, and possessed both tail and intact ears--indicating these are not dog-fighting specimens.  Dog fighters like to crop pits' ears and tails so that the animal will not get ensnared  on these parts , which would give the opposing dog an edge.
(Higher quality video can be seen HERE)

Nutter comments accompanying this spectacle of horror-- just as disgusting today as they were a year ago.

note: henceforth, my personal thoughts on various comments are formatted with italics and deeper indentation ~Jenny

Fukyou• a year ago
The person that put this video on here should be shot, you fucking faggot nigger....

Young Canadian Blonde• a year ago
This is the most inhumane disgusting sad display of the humans that forced these dogs into it. Im with you these awful men should be killed in the same way, Your clearly a killer yourself just using dogs instead. How upsetting for these poor animals and the evil men who made this video,
Young Canadian Blonde• a year ago
I just watched a video on Baby Briana, a 5 month old poor innocent child unable to speak for herself as she was thrown, bite, hit, molested and raped, throughout her whole life of 5 short months. You people are truly just as evil as the parents and uncle that did those awful things to that poor baby.

The video was not orchestrated, only witnessed, and the purpose of posting is to spread awareness of what danger pit bulls represent.  Additionally, getting photo/video evidence of an attack is often the only recourse left to victims/their families, because pit owners avoid responsibility and culpability at all costs, current laws enable that deviance, and any restitution for damages has to be procured through civil courts.  They have to produce evidence to satisfy burden-of-proof.

That poor innocent dog cannot help or speak for itself. I hope u ignorant,  mean fucks rot in hell where you clearly belong.I even added my email so you could direct your hate towards someone who can at least defend themselves in a way,

Fuckingblowme• a year ago
Its a fucking dog, get over it.. This shit happens all the time its fucking dog eat dog world we live in... this isnt some pussy world we live in, which the American news and media makes u believe. wake the fuck up people we are taking over countries..

jonh cathy• a year ago
why people still believing in that "pitbulls bad dogs and dangerous"?? PITBULLS ARE NOT BAD DOGS. every dogs can be dangerous. chiuhahas are more agressive than a pitbull! but a chiuaha doesn't hurt you -.-'' why do you put the blames on pitbulls? the owner is stupid and made them agressive because pitbulls get more easily dangerous. but if you teach them well and with love, not with agressivity they wont do that -.-''

Whatever jonh (a brief voice of reason)• a year ago 
so ure telling me a chihuahua can come and rip off pitbulls leg off right? or this laying dog, can come and bite ur palm off? ever heard of pitbulls jaws locking? their strength etc? or u dont feel a difference between a guy armed with a baseball bat and a shotgun? 

bananas (fitting moniker)-->Whatever• a year ago
man you are such a stupid. did you learn what i said? chihuahuas are more agressive than a pitbull! i will explain you one thing. on humans, if a man bigger than you and stronger try to beat you, and if you see dont have chances against him you run away or give up. on dog's world, a smaller dog growl and try to show the stronger dog that he is tough and to don't substimate him by his weight. and that's why chihuahuas are agressiva. they are the smallest dog in the world. now i will just copy paste a comment that i did before because i won't occupate my time anymore with ignorant people like you:
"if you dont know anything about dogs/pitbulls and don't understand the instict of a dog just shut up. How is making the very obvious deduction that chihuahua's do not posess the same bite power and strength of a pit bull the equivalent of "knowing nothing about dogs"?pitbulls are the only dog that don't have breed. they were made in laboratory. and every dogs in the wild would kill animals. they are not humans. you dont kill humans to eat but you kill cows! you look to dogs as pets but before  pets they were wild animals. if he has in front of him a fresh leg with fresh meat do you think he will refuse that? just shut up man. give a fresh leg with fresh meat of a bunny to a chiuhauha and you will see if he accept that or refuse it -.-'' do research before talk shit
"AND THIS IS TO SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT PITBULLS:why you think it's pitbulls fault? blame the owner please. it is the owner that take care of him and make him agressive. they can be very good dogs and friendly, but of course they get more easily dangerous. know what? chiuhahuas are more agressive than pitbulls but everyone think they are cute because they are small and can't hurt no one... pls dont judge the dogs. if you dont know anything about this dogs dont say that things about them. kill the owner not the dogs.
what you heard about this dogs in the news it's because that stupid niggas and thiefs, criminals whatever, buy pitbulls because they can easily make them agressive and because they are strong, but if you take care of them with love they are the best friend you could have. and another thing, that dogs can be very friendly outside of their house with another dogs, but that's their territory (the victim was dismembered in his own yard)  and that's animal instict. they are defending what belongs to them. the owner of the small dog shouldn't had let him go near the fence.

How dare that owner and pet utilize their own property to its fullest!How is a neighbor supposed to know when someone acquires pit bulls or when they specifically let them out?  it is the owner's responsibility to properly contain their animals to prevent them from harming others (and themselves).  This obviously was not the case.  It's ridiculous to demand an external party pay for the (reckless) personal decisions of others.  No one should have to significantly modify their home environment, at great expense, to accommodate the unnecessary dangers foisted on them by others.  You don't get to demand that an uninvolved stranger should pay child support for your decision to reproduce.  Same concept.

if a thief enters in your house for sure you will attack him, or not if you see he is more powerfull,stronger. and that's what happened here. the brown dog is less powerfull so they can retaliate. sorry about bad english and big text

LIVE WIRE Edinkolenovic• a year ago

You need to leash your pet in your own, fenced backyard?? (btw, dog advocates in general go against the cruelty known as "tethering"--and that's what leashing an animal in your own yard equates to)  This makes about as much sense as strapping your infant into her car seat in her playroom, or putting a straight-jacket on your toddler to bathe him.  And again, apparently fanatic eyesight is as poor as their reading comprehension, because it's very clear in this video that the victim was mutilated in his own yard. 

LeeLee• a year ago
I don't see where they ever eat the dog's leg so this who title is a lie. (the pits ripped the leg in half and snapped the pieces up right around the time the man approaches the fence) I have a question for the owner of the dog that got killed. WHY IN HELL are you letting your dog run up to strange dogs in the first place?

Possibly because it's only logical to allow your pet to roam its own environment, and walking along the border of that environment should not be a death sentence.  Also possibly because pit nutters have been extremely successful at snowing society-at-large that pit bulls are safe and "just like any other dog".  This false propaganda is devastating in it's lure to blind people from the truth; the inherent danger this breed presents. 
Additionally, a person or pet should not have to be held hostage in their own homes because of an ever-present threat beyond its borders. 

I own Pit Bulls, 3 of them. They are dog aggressive to dogs outside of their 6 dog pack.  However when they are with me on leash or off leash I can give them a "leave it" command and they won't do anything. But there has been a time where a neighbors dog (American Bully) decided it was okay to hop my fence and come after me so my dogs tore it up (even my Boston terrier helped. I don't see how that would be my fault if the neighbor did not control his dog and it came on to MY property and got attacked. The way it was acting I would have shot it anyway.  That little brown dog shoved its nose into the dogs' territory and got attacked. It is NO ONE'S fault other than the owner of the brown dog.  

Getfucked• a year ago
It's the FUCKING PEOPLE THAT MAKE THEM THAT WAY!Did you SEE that fucker?  I have a pitbull with dogs much smaller then him and he is protective of THEM.. ITs the PEOPLE that do this.Any dog can be a killer.  You naive jackass's all of you. 

john Amayaveronica38• a year ago
that could have been a little kid if the kid went to the fence! and that is his terretory, they are protecting him. if a thief enter in your house you will watch him stoling your values or beat him? before you talk about this dogs you must know them. i bet you never had a dog or if you had one it was a pinscher or a poodle -.-''

What gives you the authority to dictate to people what they should do on their own property?  What gives you the right to take away someone else's hard-earned real estate via mortal peril at its borders? 

don'tlie• a year ago
you fucking retards deserve to die, oh i'll wet them, fucking hit them you would you like it if i just went to your home and started hacking the shit out of your family? you wouldn't right? you'll try to stop me...why let the dog suffer? atleast look and help it, in some guys make me sick.also why video it you sick bastards + why have a fence that close to pitbulls if you know they are vicious, you wouldn't? would you.

so a person should... what....? move their fence line according to a neighbors choice in pet?  Forfeit a big chunk of their own personal property to construct an internal fence line when the burden of adequate containment is upon the pit bull owner's shoulders?  To fund construction that is only necessary because of the nutter's whimsy? 

bananas don'tlie• a year ago
you made me laugh xD you said "would you like it if i just went to your home and started hacking the shit out of your family"... Well... on this video the "home" you are talking about it's pitbull's home!! and the brown dog went to their "home"... soooo.... they took care of his ass .|. it's not pitbull's fault. you should blame the owner of the brown dog that shouldn't let him went near the fence. THINK BEFORE SAY SHIT ;D*
*never applicable to the author, obviously 

Todd Pompe• a year ago
So where is the dead dogs owner? And why wasn't his dog controlled from getting close to the Pits, who are contained on their own property behind a fence? Keep your dogs away from other peoples property douchebag. Tough lesson for ya, idiot.

Why was the onus on the owner of the decent dog?  Why didn't the owner of the pit bulls keep their animals away from the fence?  Away from another person's property?  This is a shared property line; both sides were sharing a fence. 

Vanylladelightdelight• 10 months ago
first off shoot those dogs shoot the assholes who allowed those dogs to do that. but most important first shot would have been to put that poor torn up dog out of his misery. when i look at people like this i wonder to myself "really thats the sperm that made it through" these people are the load that their mothers should have swallowed.

keepin' it classy I see... as always



  2. I've heard that myth about combat dogs having ears cropped. Sorry to tell you but it's untrue. 99% of serious dogmen will not clip a dogs ears at least during its fighting career. They would much rather the ear leather take punishment than the base or head. Tails are never cropped unless severely damaged as dogs use them for balance and dogmen use them as handles. They best way to tell these are not combat dogs is the fact that they share a space and are still alive.