Friday, April 4, 2014

Commentary on the employ of PC in worsening an epidemic

Sometimes you can read the comments about a complex issue and some of them are so simultaneously succinct and profound that the comment itself is worth quoting.  I often find such gems, and I hope no one minds if I do some copy paste here.  The comment is in response to the newest Craven post about the GM outrage compared to the dangerous dog un-rage;

both are horribly tragic and preventable problems.  One results in over 30 deaths per year (albeit, the numbers for this year are shaping up to be--most likely, around 1 fatality a week) and the other, in a little more than 1 death per year (13 deaths in over a decade).  One is being discussed, the other is being silenced.  Our culture is sending us a message;
the loss of human life is so extraordinarily tragic and awful that it must be accounted for and prevented by any and every means imaginable, and any and every entity involved MUST PAY...
...unless, unless dogs are involved.  Ours is truly a culture of dog worship.  Even when the human lives being lost are those of the elderly, children, BABIES (and those are the most frequent victims of so-called 'family dogs'), dog reputation comes first.  Any means are deployed to that end--including incorporating irrelevant concepts and issues such as racism and discrimination.  In doing so, they play off the now-neurotic and compulsive demand to always operate with PC language and behavior, even if unto crippling society's ability to appropriately react to/handle a worsening epidemic.  One comment put it thus;

"Dayna H******n said...

    This is where our culture of Political Correctness has gotten us. It's not ok to discriminate against a effing BREED of DOG anymore. A DOG!!! Lord help us because we are literally going to the dogs, the pit bull dogs."

And the comment that started this post, that really touched on the heart of the matter, IMHO, was in response to that;

 "Anonymous Mom in E****e said...

    Anon says:
    "If they are so sentient and aware that it is possible to discriminate against them, then we can try them as dangerous felons and they can go to doggy jail."

    Nutters want to have it both ways- either pits KNOW they are hated, or they do not. Nutters rather toss their OWN human supporters in jail rather than restricting the dog that killed.

    Couldn't agree more, it is an eternal frustration for a liberal like me, that this is so out of hand.

    IMO- In its original, basic form, PC was actually helpful. No longer using ugly racist/gender slurs in daily language, and considering how the words you use impact others, *was* a real improvement.
    Now PC has been perverted, and turned into a tool of censorship.

    I am also frustrated that pit bullies have co-opted the language of racial equality and empowerment. It is disgusting to me to see pit bullies stealing the ideas, work, and sacrifice of generations of civil rights workers, just to pervert it in the service of fighting dogs.
    IMO, anyone that compares the plight of dogs to the plight of any peoples, is a POS of the lowest level. This is morally repugnant, and completely disgraceful and inappropriate."

THIS, Anonymous Mom in E****e, this.


  1. I am flattered! Glad someone liked my comment. The whole topic is rage inducing.
    -Mom in Eugene

  2. It's absurd to pretend that breed specific characteristics which were deliberately created by humans don't exist. And to call those who recognize these breed specific characteristics "racist" reveals a profound ignorance on the part of the accuser.

    A final thought: When someone speaks of the unfairness of "killing off a breed" what they are actually talking about is eliminating a specific set of characteristics which have proven to be a problem. The fact that sadistic humans created a "breed" to torture animals is no mandate to continue the existence of said breed. Nobody has suggested killing off the domestic dog - only those man-made expressions of temperament and behaviors which have proven to be harmful and cruel.

    1. THIS! eloquently said. No one would accuse trying to 'breed out' traits like hip dysplasia, heart problems, reproductive malfunction, etc. that are breed-specific as 'racist'. Eliminating problem characteristics... so succinct. love it!

  3. Some great comments on this site too: