Saturday, May 16, 2015

By the percentages--fatal pitbull attacks thus far in 2015

As of Saturday, 5/15, 136 days into the 2015 year, eight Americans are dead [this averages out to a death every 17 days] as a result of pitbull attacks;

  • Brayden Wilson, 2 months old
  • Kenneth Ford, 79
  • De'trick Johnson, 36
  • Roy Higgenbotham Jr., 62
  • TayLynn DeVaughn, 2
  • Malaki Mildward, 7
  • Declan Moss, 18 months old
  • Eugene Smith, 87

Going by the percentages

The Victims;

50% are children, of which;
    25% are <10yo
    25% = toddlers
    50% = infants
12.5% are adults
37.5% are senior citizens
100% were found not to have provoked the attacking dog(s) in any way

The Dogs;

25% neutered
75% spay/neuter status undisclosed (it's not uncommon for this piece of information to fall to the back burner in reporting)
50% male
12.5% female
37.5% were mixed sex (multiple dogs per attack) attacks
100% were not chained
87.5% were household/family pets

Non-Fatal But Serious Pitbull Attacks

From January 2nd to April 6th of this year (an 84 day time period), 227 Americans have been seriously injured/maimed.  These attacks often result in permanent and disabling injuries, hospitalizations, deglovings, and life flights--a far cry from the mild snap and release bites from other [i.e. companion/non-bloodsport] breeds.  This averages out to (rounded) three people being seriously attacked by pitbulls every day.

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