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One Breed, A Million Excuses.

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One breed, a million excuses. At what point does one stop to consider, "hmmm, why does this particular breed require militant advocacy and excuse after excuse? Why does it require publicity and PR managers aggressively managing the 'breed image'?"

One of the wisest things I ever heard was from my father, "Never be with someone you have to make excuses for." The reason the issue is so complex is precisely because so many excuses have been disseminated so thoroughly they have been blindly accepted as fact.

If Myth Busters did a pitbull series they could easily run several seasons on it. Ridiculous.

The incessant stream of "it's the lie/fault of (insert anything/everything)!!" is like the abusive psychopath who blames the rest of the world for his self-created problems... any and every excuse, no matter how wrong or ridiculous... to deflect blame...

I don't even know if I can list all the excuses, lies, deflections, and smokescreens used by pit bull (and other dangerous dog) 'advocacy'. In the coming weeks--THIS POST WILL BE CONTINUALLY UPDATED*--I will attempt to provide information debunking every fallacious, empty 'talking point' issued by sociopaths eager to unwittingly perpetuate the wide-scale suffering and death of animals, people, and even the very breed they claim to love.
*note; updates will most frequently and first appear on Topsy-Turvy & Bloodshed and be secondarily edited here

The trash that needs to be taken out;
  • The media has it out for pitbulls. (over-reports, misreports, under-reports on 'other breed attacks', 'never posts good stories', etc.)
The Huffington Post is notorious about the SABSL community for deleting or outright blocking comments altogether from intelligent advocates posting hard facts and tragic evidence in response to their myriad fluff pieces that continually churn out tired and debunked myth after myth.  Presenting self-proclaimed shucksters that pronounce blatant falsehoods (like 'nanny dog' and 'man biters were culled' as gospel) as experts and pit bull lobbyist groups like they were sanctioned safety groups (the NCRC farce) decimates their credibility so much I read 'HuffPo' with all the consideration I give to The Onion or Fark threads.
  • People can't/misidentify pit bulls (crucial in insinuating the attack/kill counts by pit bulls is much smaller than issued). ...and the related;
The issue is further confused by the fact that shelter workers deliberately misidentify breed and many misguided animal workers will fraudulently issue a mislabel of a pit bull as a boxer-lab mix or some such to skirt BSL, landlord restrictions, or fraud insurance premiums.  Masses of people present these animals as something other-than, and the average Joe-blow would be hard pressed to comprehend breed as a result.
  • Staffordshire terriers and pit bulls are totally different breeds.

  • BSL and/or mandatory spay/neuter is like the holocaust.
  • Pit bull is not a breed.
    • No dog has ever "scalped" a child.  Since 'moving the goalpost' is one of the most frequently employed nutter tactics (albeit still falling far behind ad hominem and outright deceit), I can't help but wonder how Miss S___ is going to try to disqualify the NINETY little humans scalped by dogs between December 1975 and September 2014 as 'children'.  If you include adults in the scalping count, the list easily topples 100.
      note; the author of this blog is not F_____ W____, so if you want to contact me, hunting with those parameters won't work (that's what comments are for).  She is a mighty fine individual though.
      • Pit bulls are only dog aggressive. (warning; GRAPHIC images) (warning; GRAPHIC images) (warning; GRAPHIC images)
      • Pit bulls are great service dogs.

      • Falling coconuts kill more people than pit bulls. (wins the award for most ridiculous claim ever)
      • Pit bulls were bred as farm dogs (or for any purpose other than dog-fighting and blood-sport). (warning; graphic image)
      • Pit bulls were once so popular they were 'America's Dog'.
      • Any/all dogs bite/kill. (warning; graphic images)
        • Pit bull attacks are rare.
        And really, if you Google 'pit bull attack' on a weekly basis, discounting repeat stories, you'll easily find at least a dozen attacks, several of which are guaranteed to be unprovoked attacks on humans. (Lately, there has been a pattern of at least one life-flight a week--these attacks are severe.) 
        Do this for a few weeks and even the most drug-addled, ADHD afflicted, sleep-deprived, half-literate spazmonkey will be able to discern some patterns--or at the very least the fact that these attacks are the exact opposite of rare.  The website I linked above is actually staffed by several people and they cannot keep up with reporting every attack.  All you have to do is pay attention.
        • Only abused/neglected/fight-trained/provoked/unsocialized/untrained pit bulls attack. (Notice a lot of the self-countering there? They must be trained to fight/they must be trained not to fight, etc.?) ...and the related;
        • It's the owners not the dogs.
        • (While not pit bull specific it is still relevant to the conversation...)  Dogs are descendants of wolves/operate under a dominance hierarchy/need a strong pack leader/anything by Cesar Millan.
        • BSL kills innocent dogs/punishes good owners. 
        (in the comments by site owner, writer, humanitarian, and decades-long dog statistician Merritt Clifton; in response to a comment claiming "What troubles me is that breed specific legislation does not take into account those individuals who indeed are not dangerous."

        Clifton reveals; "This statement is categorically false. No breed-specific legislation has been enacted in either the U.S. or Canada which did not “grandfather” pit bulls who had been licensed, vaccinated against rabies, kept safely, and had no dangerous history.")

        In many jurisdictions, part of the grandfathering clause may also require micro-chipping the dog, mandatory liability insurance, and specific containment/enclosure requirements. For any truly responsible owner well versed in the nature of their breed (it's extraordinary ability to defy normal dog measures of containment, for example), these are reasonable measures that--it could be argued--a truly responsible owner would already be taking.  
        They certainly would be found no more 'punitive' to a 'good owner' than baby-proofing a home, using a properly installed, to-date car seat, regular pediatrician appointments, and the like are 'punitive' to a good parent.  Those who would find such measures 'punitive' would have to be lazy, miserly, ignorant/in denial, or as reckless as those who feel entitled to drive their vehicles without liability insurance, operate several ton equipment with the proper licensing, etc..  
        BSL can save innocent dogs; 
        "ANIMALS 24-7 does not believe that animal rights, animal welfare, or even just being kind to animals is advanced by protecting backyard breeders of fighting dogs from the passage of effective breed-specific legislation to prevent the births of a million pit bulls per year who will repeatedly flunk out of homes and be killed at the average age of 18 months."
        • BSL doesn't work. (see; the section on Catalonia)
        • "man-biters were culled." (warning; GRAPHIC images)
        Not only do pit bulls consistently attack and kill human beings since their inception; the rapidly ascending number of annual fatalities correlates with the spreading popularity of the pit bull as a companion and family pet.  An allegedly non-aggressive fighting dog should become less aggressive as it is proliferated for a different purpose (that of companion/pet), not more.  An animal handled under the auspices of love, nurturing, affection, and solace should have far less cause to bite than the brutally abused and mishandled fighting dogs that were allegedly 'dog-only' aggressive; and yet the tragic facts are showing us the inverse.  Neither history nor logical deduction support 'man-biters were culled'.
        • Pit bulls rate better on temperament tests than other common family breeds/are a safe/stable dog.
        • (insert name of person supporting BSL/exposing pit bull related lies/sharing pit bull related science fanatics don't like) is a bad person, look at (insert any manner of defamation methods a person can attempt). Essentially, a claim in the form of a personal attack; "don't believe anything this person says because they are a bad person."
          • "Your breed is next./In the (insert decade here) it was the dobermans/rottweilers/German shepherds/(insert allegedly maligned breed here), now it's the pit bull..."
            • BSL supporters are nothing more than 'haters', 'ignorant', 'have never known/owned/loved a pit bull'.
            • is a bunch of lies made up by a pit bull hater.
            • Animal experts support (insert any of the above claims).

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