Monday, February 24, 2014

Motives Unveiled

^Compilation of families betrayed by their dogs, that wound up having to beg authorities to use lethal force to end the attack. Among these, are normal, everyday folk, like you, like me, like anybody. ...Good to their pets, not thugs, not abusers, not "dog-men", not deviants, not hoarders, not delinquents,
...many even feel they are helping make the world a better place, buying into the social hype that makes martyrs of dangerous animals and villains of realists and accurate journalism.

Unable to support their dogma with evidence or logic, pitbull zealots frequently resort to spewing emotional accusations of animal hatred at victims and BSL supporters. (Many of which are advocating for legislation to protect their own cherished pets/livestock/animal preserves, but that point is lost to them--save but for pitbulls--in the minds of intensely biased and callous fanatics.) It is an last/only-resort appeal intended to shut down 'the enemy' in the hopes that they will be stigmatized and dismissed as negative bigots.  

It's time to stop avoiding the issue, time to stop mislabeling and obfuscating. This isn't about bigotry or breed hatred. This isn't about persecuting innocent animals. This isn't advocating a genocide of some form.  This isn't the next Holocaust, as much as pitbull fanatics would have you believe BSL means all pitbulls will be rounded up en masse, ripped from their homes, and slaughtered ASAP. 

(Actually, extremely moderate methods of BSL with successful results have occurred in many cities and other countries--they involve grandfathering existing pets from the ban, but prohibiting further breeding, mandatory registration, spay/neuter, vaccinations, approved containment structures tailored to the breed, and liability insurance, muzzles in public, and much harsher penalties for any infractions.) 
This is about taking an appropriate stance in regard to a dangerous animal, allowing the truth to shine, and adopting more appropriate attitudes and measures.

The breed really isn't appropriate as a domesticated pet. It's a powerful, unpredictable, and highly lethal animal that requires treading with caution and all the due respect of any large, wild apex predator. It is no more bigoted to remove these animals from living rooms and family parks than it is to separate those human realms from wild bears and mountain lions. Appreciating those animals from a safe distance does not equate hatred and bigotry but common sense and decency. It is exercising understanding due caution for the animal... the stance is one of prevention.

In a way... you could even say... it's about... "respecting the beast".
This particular beast is man-made and man-maintained. Tragically, it is also man-tortured. The best favor to the breed would be to cease aiding and abetting dog-men by camouflaging their operations in our communities, drastically deplete and hinder their range of operation, starve their industry dry by cutting the crap and eliminating the further proliferation of a breed so grossly perverted and inbred (a breeding method used to produce an exaggerated trait as quickly as possible) that all that encounter the animal--including the animal itself--often suffer a bloody price.  It would be kinder to gently let the genetic "freak-show" expire. This could happen in as little as 15 years, if implemented.

Remember; this is about LOVING our communities and ENDING this circus of canine SADISM, NOT hatred.

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