Monday, February 24, 2014

This is how they will lick you to death

Some thoughts on another's FB post;

considering all the attacks (body parts torn off and reduced to insalvagable hamburger) and fatalities this year, this child got off 'light'. There's nothing 'light' about this. What this is... is tragic, and frustratingly preventable. This girl, along with hundreds of other grievously wounded/killed people (often children) is why I find the 'lick you to death' diversion/cop-out extremely offensive. Anyone who utters such words with seriousness behind them, automatically winds up on my $h*t list until they wise up, acquire a little bit of humanity/compassion, and grow a brain.

Many erroneously trust in the safety of proximity to the breed, fostered by the lick-you-to-death misconception... like this man... and he lost most of his tongue for it;

Wholly deceived by the propaganda, and with the additional amelioration of years and years of non-aggression that lull people into a false sense of security... a friend of mine lost her child, to a dog named "Kissy Face" because she loved to lick "kiss" (hurk!) so much. Her two year old baby boy was decapitated by Kissy Face; and as she succumbed to the horror of the situation, she (Kissy) began mauling his lifeless body all over again.

The phrase 'lick you to death' is a blight upon the most innocent and helpless of humanity, and a tell-tale indicator of either gross ignorance or greatly deluded, pompous narcissism (lion-tamer complex).

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