Monday, February 24, 2014

TRUE Animal Advocates don't enable and ignore the gross injury, suffering, and death of hundreds of innocent animals

From the FB group  Protect Children From Pit Bulls And Other Dangerous Dogs
 This post is chock full of data and numbers pertaining to animal victims of pitbulls, and how this epidemic being swept under the rug--in the interest of pitbulls only--by those who call themselves animal advocates screams of hypocrisy.
 Among the spoon-fed, generic lines indicative of mindless indoctrination via the latest trending 'reality tv' (aka farce) hype; "just like other dogs"

a little information and a little independent thinking married with even basic elementary math should arouse some discord even in prepubescent intuition.  From the link above;
"Thus in 2013 about one pit bull in 107 killed or seriously injured another animal, compared with about one dog in 50,000 of other breeds."

Deductive reasoning is far from an unattainable, secondary-education necessitated skill-set. Even the uneducated can possess it, and exercise it with regularity and efficiency.

Deductive reasoning tells us that if something is 'just like' something else, it will possess the same qualities, attributes, form, and these will exhibit or demonstrate similar qualities, attributes, inclinations, and behaviors within a fairly tight continuum.

To vary dramatically is to make something NOT 'like the other', since 'like the other' is a designation of sameness. Make no bones about it, the variance here IS definitively, undeniably drastic. An animal is HUNDREDS of times more likely to be seriously injured or shredded by a pitbull than any other breed of dog.

(Another common pitbull fanatic blow-off is a flippant howl of "DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!" ...with no additional information or contribution to the subject at hand. It shows the juvenile and immature mindset of the whiner who throws such a dismissal, because they are counting on what is efficient in their own mindsets--a puerile aversion to 'extra work' and 'homework' and the nitty-gritty of investigation.... anything 'not fun' or salacious. However, when this affront is unloaded on someone with the intellectual capacity and maturity to investigate comprehensively rather than recreational... an individual who rises to the challenge of 'do your homework'.... this works against the pitbull extremists' cause, because 'homework'... hard numbers and facts, do NOT align with their dogma.

Case in point...
If you want to get into some simple high school math (basic pre-algebra here) to nail down the numbers, here ya go;
For comparison, determine the percentages, via the simple percentage-ratio equation;
any given percentage to be determined/over a hundred = ratio of subject, for example, 1 pitbull in 107 will be 1/107, one dog in 50,000 other breeds will be 1/50,000, so we will have;

1/107=x/100 for the first equation and 1/50,000=x/100 for the second, respectively.
Cross multiply each to get;
107x=100 and 50,000x=100
Using the distributive property of multiplication (which, in this case, is dividing either side by the remaining coefficient on the variable side), we get;
x=.9345... and x=.002

To determine how many more times likely an animal is to be killed by a pitbull than a dog of another breed, we simply divide the pitbull number by the other breed number... .934 (and that's rounding down for the pitbulls, folks!) divided by .002 equals 467.

An animal is not 10... not 20... not 50... not 90... not 100... not 200x but... 467 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE MAULED/KILLED BY A PITBULL THAN ANY OTHER BREED OF DOG )

Pitbulls definitively do not conform to the shape, design, temperament, ability, predictability, or behaviors of other dogs--not by a long shot. This is why some even call them 'un-dogs' because that which was bred in the canine species to be domesticated--to be our contemporary understanding of 'dog' as companion--has been aggressively bred out of pitbulls and fighting dogs for several hundred years now. The evidence of this divergence is piling up daily, and it is in rivers of blood. Much of this blood belongs to animals that people deeply love--just as much, arguably if not more-so than any pitbull owner loves their pet. Yet, their pain, torture, loss, their plight is grossly ignored, undermined, swept under the rug, and even mocked by fanatical pitbull advocacy.

It is tragically clear that animal welfare is nothing more than a thinly veiled construct (one easily shattered) of a ruthless game-dog advocacy that will stop at nothing and use any and every dirty trick in the book to deify their cause and villainize others.

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  1. Exactly. Every trait that was BRED INTO these dogs to make them better pit fighters-explosive, unprovoked, and disproportionate aggression, grip and shake attack style, high pain tolerance, and gameness-make then unsafe, unsuitable, and DEFECTIVE as a PET animal.